EasyBarf - Toni loves it!


We have a 3-year-old dwarf spitz who is very picky when it comes to food. I have already invested hundreds of euros in various foods, some of which he eats for 2-3 days and then suddenly won't touch.

I've always liked the idea of barfing, most recently I bought the meat from Graf Barf. Our dog didn't like it either, and the meat packets take up a lot of space in the freezer.

Whilst googling, I discovered your homepage and thought to myself, let's give it a try. And what can I say, your Easy Barf is simply perfect and our dog loves it. No annoying defrosting and inconvenient delivery with dry ice, super ingenious preparation, very pleasant odour and visibly good meat quality. And most importantly, every variety and portion is eaten down to the last crumb. Our dog has never had anything like it in all these years and I am very grateful that I discovered your products for myself/us.

Despite the slightly higher price, the Easy Barf is simply perfect and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Best regards
Bianca Schneider and Spitz Toni

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