Experience with the carrot flake

Hello dear Anifit team,

Because my dog also likes to eat raw carrots, I thought I would also use them dried. Especially as I don't always remember to buy them and I know that Anifit treats them well before they go on sale. The first time my Nelly (Jack-Russel, now 10 years old) ate the carrot flakes immediately and without hesitation completely with her meat meal. Her faeces were yellowish-orange afterwards, but normal. Perhaps I had mixed in too many carrots. The next time I gave her a little less, her faeces were normal again, as always. My dog is a bit picky when it comes to food. Today she eats the meat first and then the carrot flakes. I think she knows what she's doing. I'm pleased that another alternative to her rice pops has been added to her bowl.

Best wishes to everyone, including ANIfit

Your family Czipull from Duisburg-Rheinhausen"

I hope that's enough to describe the carrot flake in our bowl ;-)

Greetings Heidrun Czipull

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